To become part of this organization, please fill out the form below to be a candidate for membership. Once you have submitted your application it will be taken into consideration by the association board. You will receive a response within the next 24-48 hours via email.  Once approved, please pay membership dues of $50 immediately. 

Active members can renew their membership immediately without re-application.  
Renewal of membership is due every 12 months after the initial approval of your application.   


​Individual Membership:        $50

Group Membership:              $50 per person


SECTION 1.   Active membership- in the association shall be open to all persons actively engaged in the investigation of fires.  This includes fire origin and cause investigators; municipal, county, state, and federal arson investigators.

 SECTION 2.   Associate Membership- shall be open to all law enforcement officers, members of the district attorney’s office, private investigators, insurance investigators, fire inspectors safety officers, insurance adjusters, retired arson investigators, retired law enforcement officers and/or any special agent.

Trainings and Certifications
Training and certification dues are separate. 
All fees shall be paid before any class is to begin. 
Travel expenses are not covered by the association unless otherwise specified. 


Payment for membership dues

STFIA Membership Application